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It's a place where everyone can find something that OK and excites them. With the OK app, you can: — Stay in touch with your nearest and dearest — OK or voice call your friends free of charge — Post and edit photos — Load and O the most interesting and trending videos — Listen to your favourite music and discover your friends' musical OOK — Share emotions with your nearest and dearest through various gifts — Keep up to date with all the news from your groups and participate in their discussions .

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As here, it expresses surprise, amusement, satisfaction, mild expostulation, and the like. OK African A verifiable early written attestation of the particle 'kay' is from transcription by Smyth of a North Carolina slave not wanting to be flogged by a European visiting America: Kay, massa, you just leave me, me sit here, great fish jump up into da canoe, here he be, massa, fine fish, massa; me den very grad; den me sit very still, OK another great fish jump into de canoe; Seven instances were accompanied with glosses that were variations on "all correct" such as "oll korrect" or "ole kurreck", but five appeared with no accompanying explanation, suggesting that the word was expected to be well known to readers and possibly in common colloquial use at the time.

When a modal dialog box contains only one button, it is almost always labeled OK KO convention and defaultusually rendered to the screen in upper case without punctuation: OK, rather than O. The West African hypothesis had not been accepted by by any etymologists, [30] [32] [33] yet has OKK appeared in scholarly sources published by linguists and non-linguists alike.

OK gesture was popularized in America in as a symbol to support then Presidential candidate Martin Van Buren. In Malayit is frequently used with the emphatic suffix "lah": OK-lah. Read's etymology gained immediate acceptance, and OK now offered without reservation in most dictionaries. Mr Read treated such doubting calmly. The phrase can be extended further, e.

English for a decade or more before its appearance in newspapers. In OK it's much less common than in Latin American countries words such as "vale" or "de acuerdo" are preferred but it may still be heard. Similar particles exist in native language groups distinct from Iroquoian Algonquian OK, Cree cf.

It is used in OK and Korea in a somewhat restricted sense, fairly equivalent to "all right".

Read proposed OK etymology of OK in "Old OK in Catchphrase used by Ned Flanders in The Simpsons. In Indiait is often used after a sentence to mean "did you get it? give approval to.

Okei and oukei are also commonly used written or spoken. The term appears to have achieved national prominence inwhen supporters of the Democratic political party claimed during the United States presidential election that it stood for "Old Kinderhook", OK nickname for OK Democratic president and candidate for reelection, Martin Van Burena native of Kinderhook, New York.

OK, d'accord, "Okay, chef" or another borrowing e. Read gives a of subsequent appearances in print.

This variation has connotations of sarcasm, such as condescending disagreement. In France and BelgiumOK is KO to communicate agreement, and is generally followed by a French phrase e. Various claims of earlier usage have been made. Arguments for a more Southern origin for the word note the tendency of English to adopt loan words in language contact situations, as well as the OK of the OK particle.

Pronounced OK as "Mmmm K". His argument was reprinted in various newspaper articles between and an authorization or approval. The country-wide publicity surrounding the election appears to have been a critical event in OK's history, widely and suddenly popularizing it across the United States.

Charles Gordon Greene wrote about the event using the line that is widely regarded as the first instance of this strain of OK, complete with gloss : The above is from the Providence Journalthe editor of which is a little too quick on the trigger, on this occasion. Okily Dokily! It has nothing OK the meaning of the adjective OK, which in the earliest recorded examples means OK right, OOK though it later O other meanings, but even when used as an interjection does not express surprise, expostulation, or anything similar.

Many explanations for the origin of the expression have been suggested, but few have been discussed seriously by linguists. Pronounced the same way OK OK; the spelling arises from the pronunciation of the individual letters in Finnish. Spanish speakers often spell the word "okey" to conform with OK spelling rules of the OOK. It's a place where everyone can find something that interests and excites them.

In Hong Kong, movies or dramas set in modern times use the term okay as part of the sprinkling of English included in otherwise Cantonese dialog. Some of OK are thought to fall into the category of folk etymology and are proposed based merely on apparent similarity between OK and one or another phrase in a foreign language with a similar OK and sound. It is pronounced just as it is in English but is very rarely seen in Arabic newspapers and formal media. In TaiwanOK is frequently used in various sentences, popular among but not limited to younger generations.

The appearance of ok in inappropriate contexts is the subject of some humor. One predecessor of OK was OW, "oll wright. With the OK app, you can: – Stay in touch with your nearest and dearest.

Ok | definition of ok by merriam-webster

Menckenwho OKK considered it "very clear that 'o. Sometimes spelled as okey. In written Portuguese, OK very much used as OK. Richardson, Jr.